The WordPress Infographic to End All WordPress Infographics

Illustration of small blue icons with words "How Wordpress Powers the Internet" overlaid

If you’ve ever had a moment where you’ve thought,

“…but I need my site to do THIS,”

chances are, WordPress developers (or plugin developers) have already thought of it. One of the most versatile CMS (that’s Content Management Systems) in existence, almost a third of the internet’s websites are built on the WordPress platform. And if you’re working with me, yours is too!

Our colleagues over at have put together this nifty infographic detailing fascinating WordPress statistics. As a website owner marketing your business, you definitely want to take a look at what your platform’s doing for you! Some of our favorite stats include:

  • It’s not just your small- to mid-sized businesses using WordPress. The New York Times, CNN, and ebay are just some of the behemoths using the WordPress platform.
  • 25% of WordPress users make a full-time living off the platform. Make your website work for you!
  • 661 new WordPress sites are added EVERY DAY. The internet is the place to be, y’all.

Want more? Check it out!

Wordpress Infographic

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