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Meet This Talented AF Team

Ansley Fones
Lead Designer and Co-Developer

Ansley is a font geek and rolling stone who will shamelessly eat all the guacamole at your party. Despite building the Internet, she’s hopelessly behind on the latest memes. She participates in a competitive online trivia league. She does okay, but she could stand to brush up on geography.

In 2009, Ansley graduated from Tufts University into the recession and found that her most useful skill was not anything she’d studied in school, but her knowledge of Photoshop, gained from a bootleg copy of the software a friend gave her in 8th grade. This led her to a job at a web design and development company in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

She learned to code and moved to New York City to pursue her dream of living in New York City. She got an apartment with her boyfriend, Danny, and they cook yummy food.

Ok, he cooks the yummy food.

Eventually they thought living outside of New York City might also be fun and they moved to Seattle, where instead of having a view of a garage ten feet away they can see Elliott Bay.

She likes red wine and only wears socks that don’t pass her ankles. And lima beans are gross.

When she’s not designing and building a beautiful website for you, she’s throwing a ball for her dog, inhaling television, blowing off work to go to happy hour with Danny, or most likely sleeping because that’s approximately one third of her life.

Do you also hate lima beans? Let’s talk.

Matt Gowdy

Originally a native of Upstate New York, Matt Gowdy moved to Bozeman, Montana in 2005 where he now lives with his wife, newborn daughter, and a menagerie of dogs, cats, and horses.

Matt has over 10 years of web design and development experience ranging from basic websites to WordPress themes, plugins, browser widgets and extensions. After earning his Associates of Science degree in Computer Science and a wealth of experience in technology, he has plied his skills for several companies over the years and now aims to use his experience to benefit clients more directly.

Matt is also the WPMechanic!

Amanda Terrigino
Social Media and SEO Strategist

Amanda is an internet marketer, yogi and dog lover (but most of that love is for her goldendoodle, Topanga). She lives near Rochester, NY with her fiancé in a small town with lots of land for outdoor adventures.

While earning her Bachelor’s in Marketing from The College at Brockport she began working with small, local businesses to offer support in building their branding, website, social media, and overall internet strategy. Later, her focus shifted to search engine optimization and social media management specifically.

Amanda is a certified adult and children’s yoga instructor, focused primarily around the Iyengar method. She strives to bring her awareness off the mat and into every aspect of her life – especially her work. She believes in conscious marketing that offers personal connection and valuable solutions.

She thrives on passionate conversation, blankets, and red wine. If she isn’t working with you to optimize your social or web strategy, she is likely perfecting her handstand, traveling or cuddling her pup.