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Design & Development Services

What I Do

I’m a designer, developer, brainstormer, entrepreneur, font-crazy weirdo, chocoholic, and board game enthusiast. I turn ideas into websites. All I need is access to Photoshop, a good Internet connection and coffee.

Here’s some of what I do:

  • Original web design and custom theme development for WordPress websites
  • Logo & branding design
  • Website setup, including domain and hosting (external) management
  • Domain email set up
  • Blog or website migration to WordPress
  • Landing pages and additional page templates for an existing theme
  • WordPress customizations and additions, including (but certainly not limited to) video integration, photo galleries, pop-ups and lightboxes, subscription opt-ins, contact us forms
  • Membership & eCommerce websites
  • Responsive and mobile design services
  • Branding material designs including business cards, and stationery
  • eBook design and finish-it-yourself eBook templates
  • Ongoing website support and updates
  • WordPress training
  • Web design, development, and UX consulting

How It All Works

Projects take approximately 10-12 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and client response times. Here’s the rough overview.

1. The Consultation

Our beginning! After you get in touch, we’ll setup a phone call or Skype session to get to know one another and chat about your ideas and your project’s needs. Feel free to ask me anything that will help clarify the process for you! There’s no need to prepare anything for the meeting, but if you wish to, feel free to send over any websites that inspire you.

2. The Homework & Deposit

After our call, I’m afraid you’re in for a bit of work, but I assure you, it’s totally worth it. Along with your initial (non-refundable) deposit, I will ask you to send me branding and design inspiration that resonates with you, information on aspects of your site structure, and any headshots or other photo assets you may have.

3. The Branding

This is where things start to get really exciting as you watch your brand come alive! Based on your homework, I’ll send you an initial branding board including my logo and color ideas for your feedback. If you already have branding, well we just skip this one and move right on to…

4. The Homepage

After we get your branding all squared, we’ll compose your totally customized, 100% tailored-just-for-you homepage. This is the most important page on your website, so we’ll make sure it rocks.

5. Some Revisions

Now it’s just a matter of feedback, revisions, feedback, expanding to interior page designs, feedback, revisions, and so on. The number of revisions will vary by the size of the project.

6. The Final Designs

We’ve found all the right images, tweaked colors, and adjusted each pixel until everything is just right. You’ll receive your final designs to sign off on for the build. I’ll also send your second invoice along with any files from the design process in any format you may need.

7. The Build

While I’m turning your design into a pixel-perfect, mobile-ready website, it’s a great time to be writing your copy for your pages and, if you’ll have a blog, your first couple posts.

8. The Training

When your website is built, I’ll schedule a training with you to take you for a spin around the admin area. The training generally takes 45 minutes – 1 hour. We’ll go over creating and editing pages, writing blogposts, adding images, editing your navigation, and any nifty things I’ve added onto the WordPress base to make your site more accessible and flexible for you.

9. The Content

After teaching you the skills you need to add and edit content on your website, I’ll help you populate your website with copy and images. While I do not offer copywriting services, I can certainly recommend some wonderful people who can help you – just ask!

10. The Launch

We’ve arrived! We’ve added all the initial content, tried all the links, checked mobile responsiveness, tested the forms and the site is ready to go. Now I’ll move the website to your hosting account (and help you pick one if needed), make sure the domain is pointed correctly, and send you on your way! We’ll do our final invoice, and I’m available for ongoing support whenever you may need it.