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Making Your Website Accessible is a Win-Win.

Let everyone enjoy your site
while protecting your business.

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What is Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility is about being inclusive and making the internet available to everyone, regardless of disability status. Just like adding a ramp to your brick-and-mortar storefront, being accessible means you are ensuring more people can engage with your business.

Increasingly, access is being regulated legally under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG – an international standard). While these laws and guidelines are in place for a great reason – inclusivity is good for the world and your business – they are also being exploited by bad actors to bring forth predatory lawsuits.

Maybe you’ve heard the horror stories.

Small businesses getting wrapped up in these bad-faith lawsuits. Spending time and money they don’t have for court fees and settlements. Getting gun-shy about putting their internet-shingle out. Should you be worried for your business and website?

The fact of the matter is that accessibility regulation for websites is (like most internet regulation) vague and behind-the-times. Getting ahead of the curve gives you an edge against frivolous lawsuits that are just looking for an easy target.

These bad-faith actors are looking for a quick payout. When you can prove you have an accessibility compliance strategy, you have a pro-active defense against these lawsuits, and because of that you make yourself a far less attractive target in the first place.

The Good News?

Making a good-faith effort at web accessibility can protect your business and increase your potential audience.

Improving your web accessibility opens the door to your website to everyone and ensures you aren’t the low-hanging-fruit for a time-consuming and expensive lawsuit. 

Oh, and did we mention accessibility is good for your SEO?

Our Approach

Our website accessibility strategy takes a three-pronged approach
to bringing your website up to compliance:

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The Accessibility Widget

We will install and configure an accessibility widget (see the one on this website!) so your website can accommodate accessibility concerns around color contrast, font size, and legibility.

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The Accessibility Statement

We will provide a lawyer-approved Accessibility Statement written by the amazing Sam Vander Wielen and customized for your website, and help you publish it in your website’s footer.

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The Accessibility Audit

We will perform a full scan of your website to provide a comprehensive report on specific accessibility concerns to bring your website up to best accessibility standards.

Tell me more about this audit…

The widget and the statement help, but correcting the underlying issues with your website’s structure is the real key to being accessible. In the audit, we will assess:

  • Semantic structure of your website and elements
  • Conventional ARIA labeling for buttons and links
  • Appropriate and consistent alternative text for images
  • Accessible font compatibility
  • Zoom compatibility
  • Necessary labeling and keyboard navigation for forms
  • Keyboard accessibility of overall navigation and content
  • Color contrast compliance

What do you receive after the audit?

The audit does not include fixes. But it does include:

  1. A Written Evaluation
    You will receive a comprehensive written report of your website’s accessibility status and where you can improve, ranked by importance and difficulty. 
  2. Website Video Review
    At least one business day before our Live Session, you will receive a video review of your website covering the top concerns for accessibility.
  3. 30-Minute Live Session
    In our Live Session, we will have an opportunity to dig deeper on the accessibility concerns flagged in the video and evaluation and create a roadmap for compliance.

You can then take these materials to your existing web developer or you may hire us to address these concerns.

Wait, what about AccessiBe and similar services?

Web Accessibility services like AccessiBe can be great for your website and peace of mind – if you can afford them. They also offer audits, accessibility statements and widgets, and some tiers of their services even include legal support if you are sued anyway. But these services work on a subscription model – one more recurring charge your business needs to bear. 

We believe in making Accessibility well… Accessible.

That’s why we charge a one time fee for your accessibility package. 


DISCLAIMER: These services are not legal advice and are not a guarantee you will not be sued. Ansley Fones Web Design & Development, LLC nor Sam Vander Wielen, LCC are not liable if you are the target of an accessibility lawsuit.