The Five Types of Logos

So you want to create a logo? Whether you’re commissioning a designer or going it on your own, knowing what type of logo you’re after is a good first step. Here are the five types of logo, ordered by complexity, plus a few examples by yours truly:


Text, generally the name of the business in a stylized, unique font. This is the second most common type of logo and the easiest logo option to DIY. Just find a font you like and type out the name of your business in it!


Initials designed to look unique and memorable. The initials can stand alone or be incorporated into a Combination Mark, which we’ll get to in a minute.



A symbol used alone to represent a brand. This is a risky move for a new company BUT you can always use the symbol along with text. Once your customer base is familiar enough with the symbol, you can use it stand-alone.


Combination Mark

Text plus a symbol. This is the most common type of logo as it both conveys the full name of the business and ties that name to a visual graphic. In some cases, the symbol and text can be split apart and the symbol can be used on its own.

Here are the a few of the Lettermarks and Brandmarks above, used as Combination Marks:

And a few more examples in which the symbol can’t be split from the text so easily, but they’re still Combination Marks:


Instead of placing the along side a symbol as in the combination mark, an emblem logo incorporates text into the symbol. This often results in a logo that functions as a badge.


Thats it! Please contact me if I can help you design your new logo!

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  1. I’m needing a logo made. don’t have a website at this present moment but I will be putting that together soon. needing a logo to be able to do so. thank you.

    1. Hi Dena! Thanks for reaching out – I see you filled out my form so I’ll respond to you via email!

    1. Hi Marcy! Yes, we do initials. Please feel free to reach out via our contact page if you have questions; we’d love to talk with you!