Feel the Fall Breeze with these Awesome Assets for Autumn

It’s fall! Time to peek your head out from the air-conditioned inside and feel the crisp air on your face. Time to go apple picking, break out your boots, and smell the bonfires in the air. Time to update your website and social media with all things autumn! I love nature-based imagery, and fall is the perfect time to include these in your design. Here are 10 of my favorite nature patterns and images from Creative Market. 

Disclosure: I am a Creative Market partner, and these are affiliate links, meaning if you buy one of these fonts by clicking through, you’ll get an awesome asset and I might make a little money.

1. Wood Textures 

About This Asset: “This set contains 10 unique, high-resolution wood textures with 6 additional variations, for a total of 16 wood backgrounds in a variety of finishes and natural colors. Includes bare, bleached, finished and weathered planks; pine, cerejeira, white oak, niove and pearwood veneer wood grain closeups, and wood siding….Files are 3600 x 3600 pixels, which is 12 x 12 inches at 300 DPI.”


Why I Love It: This wood grain set by Paper Element provides the perfect background for mockups, spreads, and signs. With a variety of colors and finishes, you can pick the wood grain that fits your branding! 


2. Watercolor Moons 

About This Asset: “This is an absolutely enjoyable hand-drawing process! You can play with the beautiful watercolor and incorporate into name cards, printable, book, album, bag, blog, t-shirt, label, badge, greeting cards, packaging, stationery, posters, websites, and more…they are also perfect for wedding invitations. I believe the collection will make your products more beautiful and unique!”


Why I Love It: You’ll want to go outside and howl at the moon after looking at these gorgeous images by Graphic Box. Since this set includes moons in different colors and phases, it’s a great addition to your asset library, especially for those in spiritual and nature-based fields. These moons work well on their own or as an element of a larger graphic design piece. 


3. Hand Drawn Rustic Nature Elements

About This Asset: “This set includes 60+ outdoorsy elements, perfect for websites, wedding invites, and all kinds of other uses. All elements are vector and can easily be edited or resized.”

Why I Love It: This graphic set by Build Interactive includes .ai, .eps, .psd, and .png files, making it a versatile set that can be used in almost any way imaginable. This set is perfect for folks who want to keep things a little more earthy and enjoy the hand-drawn or chalkboard look in their designs. 

4. Gold Leaf Watercolor Alphabet Art 

About This Asset: “A stunning collection of gold elements and watercolor greenery. Combine gold and watercolors to create dreamy, delicate designs for weddings, mood boards, Instagram posts, magazines, & any other lovely projects. All designs are high resolution, 300 dpi.”

Why I Love It: If you’re looking for elegance, you’ve come to the right place. These gold leaf letters combined with beautiful watercolor leaves by Skyla Designs will add class and beauty to your logo or design. These gorgeous letters are also perfect for accenting drop caps on your site’s pages. 

5. Hello Autumn 

About This Asset: “This set includes 46 individual elements (flowers, leaves, berries), 8 pumpkins, 8 beautiful decorated floral pumpkins, 5 gold geometric frames, 10 gold leaves and branches, 10 floral arrangements, 3 floral bouquets, 3 wreaths, 1 composition, 1 floral frame, & a gold alphabet.”

Why I Love It: Gorgeous watercolor florals in fall jewel tones make this set by Lana Elanor a must-have for framing, accent, and border images. With so many individual elements, this set is versatile and great for a wide range of uses.

6. Autumn Aesthetics

About This Asset: “I am more than happy to introduce you to a new multifunctional product – ‘Autumn Aesthetics’ – with all those beautiful iconic things which all of us love in fall. You will find inside a great variety of fashion outfits, pine forest scenes with mountain houses and wild animals (deer, fox, wolf, hare), some delicious stuff and almost a collection of pumpkins, people in fall clothes, activities, and cute home decor…and Halloween, of course. All of these you can easily embellish with trendy flowers (anthurium, peony, rose, cotton, etc.) and greenery (eucalyptus silver dollar, seeded eucalyptus, etc.)…for their richness of colour and texture, we should be grateful to the autumn.”

Why I Love It: If you’re looking for autumn assets but want something less flowery, Lana Elanor’s Autumn Aesthetics offers you the watercolor look with more options. The animals, mountains, and clothing in this package are perfect for fashion and nature-based businesses that want to appeal to a wider audience. 

7. Fall Leaves Patterns + Illustrations

About This Asset: This is a “hand drawn falling leaves vector illustrations set. It includes outlines and seamless patterns, with 34 separate leaves illustrations (black and white, browns, colorful versions of each leaf).”

Why I Love It: These line-drawn leaves add an autumn flair to your blogs, social media images, and websites without screaming “IT’S FALL!” With leaves that can be used year-round, these gorgeous drawings by IreneArt Illustrations can be used filled, outlined, or solid. Use one at a time or create your own pattern! 

8. Autumn Is Coming

About This Asset: “Autumn is beautiful! Do you like this season? I do. Particularly its very beginning – warm and bright. It’s the time when I feel especially creative – I draw, photograph, make herbariums and photo collages. I want this pattern to fill your heart with warmth and make your designs more appealing.”

Why I Love It: Seamless patterns are great assets for responsive pages, large-sized images, and designs on your favorite autumn items. These patterns by Maria Galybina boast bold colors and a variety of seasonal plants and lend a fun, professional vibe to your design.

9. Geometric Nature

About This Asset: “Geometric Nature is a set of 20 logos and badges in modern graphic style. You will find mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls in this product. Customize them to fit your own message, or mix them up to create entirely new logos, labels, badges and prints!”

Why I Love It: This image set by Cosmic Store is clean, modern, and creative. Perfect for businesses focused on nature, wellness, and design, these images evoke adventure and sacred geometry. 

10. Mini Nature Line Logos

About This Asset: “Mini Nature Line Logos – Volume 1 includes 10 vector designs that are great for nature logos, outdoor clothing, camping posters, travel stationery, and all sorts of other uses. Each design can easily be edited or resized in Illustrator or Photoshop.”

Why I Love It: Build Interactive has created a multipurpose image set featuring nature elements. This set is perfect for use in logos as well as icons on a site or print media. With clean lines and a variety of nature images, this set is perfect for you whether you prefer the mountains or the sea. 

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