Cozy Up To These 10 Fonts for Autumn

Okay, I admit it: I’m a total font geek. When it comes to web design, fonts are a crucial element of any design. They can evoke emotion, represent your personality, and guide a visitor’s eye toward a specific point on the page. With so many font options out there, it can be easy to spend hours wading through font after font without making a decision. To help you cut down on your choice paralysis, here are 10 of my favorite fonts for fall from Creative Market.

Disclosure: I am a Creative Market partner, and these are affiliate links, meaning if you buy one of these fonts by clicking through, you’ll get a gorgeous font and I might make a little money.

1. Crystal Sky

About This Font: “Add a little sparkle to your designs with Crystal Sky! A clean and classy signature-style font set, perfect for creating authentic hand-lettered text quickly and easily. With exaggerated strokes and an extra bouncy baseline, Crystal Sky has an unmistakable charm; perfect for logos, headers, company or personal branding, product packaging, cards, and handwritten quotes.”

Why I Love It: This gorgeous font by Sam Parrett features long, clean lines and beautiful loops. Its vertical spread makes it a perfect font for headlines, evoking a professional, yet whimsical style. It’s one of few script fonts that also features a special all-caps set, so you can create scripted all-caps that look intentional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Black Diamond

About This Font: “Black Diamond isn’t your average brush font; it’s raw, edgy & bursting with attitude! Hand-painted with extra attention to quick-strokes and dry textures, Black Diamond is guaranteed to deliver a loud, proud & carefree message – ideal for logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, social media and greeting cards.”

Why I Love It: Black Diamond is another winner designed by Sam Parrett. I’m a sucker for a brush font, and this one’s realistic downstrokes lend just the right amount of texture to your quotes and logos.

3. November Starlight

About This Font: “A lovingly hand-painted script font, fantastically elegant & eccentric with a sprinkle of carefree fun. November Starlight doesn’t play by the rules – with extra bouncy characters, long vertical brush strokes and authentic hand-painted edges, it’s bound to make a bold statement on anything from greeting cards and invitations to personalized logos and handwritten quotes.”

Why I Love It: The loopiness of November Starlight by Sam Parrett (he’s a great font designer, if you haven’t picked up on it) is to die for. This one’s perfect for feminine, romantic websites and titles, and contrasts nicely with a simple sans serif for paragraph text. It’s versatile, with both rough brush texture options and clean options, making it a perfect choice for those with both rustic and contemporary aesthetics. 

4. Chamelia

About This Font: “Chamelia Script is a modern script calligraphy, dynamic and pretty with swashes. Can be used for various purposes, such as the title, signature, logo, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, and more!”

Why I Love It: The watercolor craze is real. If you’re looking for a font to match your watercolor backgrounds, shapes, and images, then Chamelia Script by Areatype is the font for you. This font package includes initial and terminal letters, giving you the option to include those beautiful swashes on the ends of your words. 

5. Foxing

About This Font: “Foxing font is a hybrid of street calligraphy and the gorgeousness of a script font. Curvy and tough!” 

Why I Love It: Sometimes, you’ve just gotta go bold, and The Branded Quotes has created the perfect font to punch up your emphasized text. Thick, gritty, and gorgeous, Foxing font is an excellent choice for page headers, single word logos, and social media call out images. 

6. Madina Script

About This Font: “A fabulously fun yet elegant script font with tons of energy, allowing you to create beautiful hand-made typography in an instant. With extra bouncy curves and loops, Madina Script is guaranteed to make your text stand out – perfect for logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers and whatever your imagination holds.” 

Why I Love It: Another Sam Parrett font that features a clean version alongside the brush version, Madina Script is a flirty, sweet font just waiting to give character to your titles and pull-out text. Madina Script is a perfect example of modern calligraphy as a font, and translates well to many professional and personal uses! 

7. Isabella Script

About This Font: “Isabella Script is a handwritten stylish copperplate calligraphy font, combined from copperplate to contemporary typeface with a dancing baseline and a classic and elegant touch.”

Why I Love It: It’s so crisp and clean! Seniors has done an excellent job of capturing modern calligraphy in a clean, easy to read way with Isabella. This font works well in more contained spaces as well, since it’s more contained than many other script fonts.

8. Ashley Brush Script

About This Font: “Ashley Brush Script was completely handwritten using watercolors and a calligraphy brush. Rough edges and imperfect lines give this brush lettered font a unique and trendy look. Perfect for wedding invitations, adding design accents, and giving your projects a coveted hand-crafted look.” 

Why I Love It: Printable Wisdom has created the brush script to end all brush scripts. If you’re looking for a font that truly looks hand-brushed, Ashley Brush Script is the font for you. With its uneven edges and intentional spatter, it’s a fantastic font for creatives willing to step outside the box!

9. Autumn Mood

About This Font: “A new, fresh, handmade calligraphy font. Very suitable for greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more! This font is perfect for wedding postcards.”

Why I Love It: Doesn’t this gorgeous script by Quothron just make you want to curl up with a cup of hot cider and a blanket? I love the way this font’s flatter lowercase letters contrast with the height of its uppercase. A lighter script font, Autumn Mood is perfect for section headers or signatures.

10. Scaredy Pants

About This Font: “Scaredy Pants includes letters and characters great for your fall designs, Halloween parties, or scary movie nights This wonderful typeface balances a playful tone and friendly forms with useful and tasteful design.”

Why I Love It: This font by Ramey Type Foundry is perfect for those of you looking for a truly seasonal font! Whether you’re offering seasonal discounts, educational products, or any kind of fall promotion, Scaredy Pants will make visitors sit up and take notice! 

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