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Want a sweet WordPress website but are constrained by time or budget?

We got you.

Seedling is our solution for folks who have a limited time frame OR limited budget but still want a website that won’t be limited by the constraints of a SquareSpace or Wix site OR a pre-made theme on WordPress.

It can spring up fast, but that’s only part of why we called it “Seedling” – you see, it can grow with you.

Grow with you? Here’s what I mean:

Quick and cheap solutions like SquareSpace and Wix are tempting, but as your site grows you might hit a wall: you want to do something that the platform just cannot accommodate. Maybe you want to move where your newsletter opt-in is, but you can’t. Maybe you want to add eCommerce, but you’re on one of the Blog themes on SquareSpace that doesn’t support eCommerce. Maybe you saw a cool layout on someone else’s website but it can’t be built on those platforms.

If your site is growing, and you want or need a feature not available to your SquareSpace or Wix site, your options are to live without it or or start all over again. That’s not just expensive, it can also be disruptive to your online business or blog audience.

The fundamental reason those platforms are limited is because you don’t have access to their core file system. That’s why WordPress is so different: you control everything about it, including the core file system if you want.

But why is Seedling different than any of the hundreds of thousands of pre-made WordPress themes on the internet? Well, first it comes with a designer/developer to help you. Second: it’s still a custom theme, I just already made it! That means we can change *anything about it* so as your needs grow and change, so can Seedling.

The Facts

I love doing custom designs. I think if you have the time and budget for a custom design, you will LOVE what you end up with, but I’ve created the Seedling program to serve those who can’t work with the high cost and long time-frame of a custom design. So let’s do a comparison:

Price$2600Starting at $6000
Timeline3 – 6 Weeks3 – 4 Months
Design ProcessLimited & GuidedFully Custom
Designer Time10 HoursUnlimited at Hourly Rate
Down Payment$1300$1500
TrainingFull TrainingFull Training
Premium Plugin Access*IncludedIncluded
Additional Hours for Support, Design, or DevelopmentAvailable at Hourly RateAvailable at Hourly Rate

* All our themes, whether custom or on Seedling, come with complimentary access to our premium plugin library including Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, ARVE PRO, WPRocket, and Imagify.

Sites Developed on Seedling

These sites all started on Seedling! Some of them have expanded from the initial plan, but you can see the variety of styles available on the platform!

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