Studio Introduction: An eBook Just For You

Hello! If you are reading this, we’ve probably completed our initial call and you are working on your homework! That’s very exciting and I am glad to be working with you.

Just one last thing! My eBook, available for download here or by clicking the cover below, is a great resource designed just for you. It’s got loads of information about keeping your costs down and getting the most out of the design process. It’s also awesome for me because it puts us on the same page about billing and how I work so we can glide smoothly through your web design and development process. It’s also short – only 11 pages!

In short, ain’t no eBook like this awesome eBook because this awesome eBook is mandatory. So please download it, read it, and then complete the short form below the cover image so I know you know I know you read it. And of course, feel free to email me if you have any questions about the ebook.

Ebook Cover with Seattle Skyline and Ansley Fones logo with the words "Studio Introduction"

eBook Form

  • By agreeing you assert that you understand that work will be billed at our agreed upon rate and any estimate provided is speculative. Final costs will be dependent on the final scope of work. Ownership of work product passes to you upon payment for the invoice covering that work.